Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Bands That I am Really Excited About Right Now

Ever so often one discovers a band or artist and gets really excited about what is heard. There’s something in the music that just gets to you and connects to your feelings and your life. Since I’m a bit of a music junkie, this has happened to me quite a lot over the years. Currently there are nine bands/artists that I am really excited about. These bands have all seen plenty of time in my Currently Listening posts and all play truly outstanding music.

Drag the River (Official, MySpace, Facebook,, Wikipedia)
Drag the River are an alt country band from Fort Collins, CO that primarily consist of Chad Price from ALL and Jon Snodgrass from Armchair Martin. For those unfamiliar with the alt country genre, it is a mix of country, punk, and rock.

Euclid Crash (MySpace, Facebook,, Amazon)
Sadly Euclid Crash is a local band just called it a day and even though I know that there will be no new music from this pop punk, indie pop band, I can’t help but get really into their stuff.

Jenny & Johnny (Official, MySpace, Facebook,
Jenny & Johnny are an incredibly infectious indie pop duet. You can read my review of their debut album here.

John Moreland (MySpace, Facebook, BandCamp,
John Moreland is a totally bad ass alt country, rock ‘n’ roll singer/song writer from Tulsa, OK. You can read my review of his latest full length album here.

Red City Radio (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter,,
Red City Radio is another local band that is putting out great music. They play a mix of post hardcore and pop punk (kind of like Hot Water Music meets ALL). You can read my review of their latest EP here.

Re-Volts (MySpace, Wikipedia)
Re-Volts are one of many side projects by members of San Francisco’s Swingin’ Utters, this one led by bassist Spike Slawson includes fellow Utters’ Jack Dalrymple and Darius Koski each on guitar and providing background vocals. The songs are a catchy mix of 77 style punk and pop punk.

Teenage Bottlerocket (Official, MySpace, Facebook,, Wikipedia)
Teenage Bottlerocket is a tremendous pop punk band from Wyoming.

The Thermals (Official, MySpace,, Wikipedia)
The Thermals are an indie rock, power pop band from Portland, OR. You can read my review of their latest album here.

Doug McKean (Official, MySpace)
Doug McKean is the former bass player for Cleveland, OH’s The CG5. He now plays solo and with the Suntmen and plays soulful rock ‘n’ roll ala The Replacements.

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Otter Limits said...

Sad to see Euclid Crash go.