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10 Questions with Dave Klein (Euclid Crash, Wretch Like Me)

Dave Klein played bass in Euclid Crash prior to the band calling it a day last Saturday (which, as I’ve stated before, is a darned shame because that band was freaking great). Before that he played in the CO band Wretch Like Me and numerous other local (i.e. Oklahoma) bands. Currently he is working on a new project called They Stay Dead.

This interview was conducted via email in November 2010. For more information on Dave Klein and his music check him out on MySpace.

Photo by Ross Adams.

Dave: Euclid Crash played its last show on Saturday, which if I may add was a real shame. You guys (and gal) were an extremely tight band with great songs and I can only imagine the freaking fantastic record that could have been made with you and Stephen Egerton (I just think he would have been a perfect fit to turn your songs into an outstanding record). How was the show? How did you become a part of the group? What are your thoughts on the end of the band?

Dave Klein: I joined Euclid Crash in 2002 when I moved from Colorado back to OKC. I had been friends with Ryan [Costello] for a while and he needed a bass player. So, I hopped on. We played for a bit and then stopped for a few years before giving it another go last August.

I’m glad we spent the last year working on our sound. It gave everyone a chance to figure out what inspires them to play. And if that means we have to seek audiogasms from a different band or players… That’s fine. I’m a lifer. I’m not worried about my next gig. There always seems to be one.

The last show was fun. I thought Dead To Me and The Easy Lovers were great.

Dave: Euclid Crash opened up for Stephen Egerton’s CD release show back in May. What was that show like for you?

Dave Klein: Stephen Rules! I was stoked to hear about the new record. He’s pretty much amazing at everything he does. That show was all about buddies – buddies in the bands, buddies on the record, buddies in town for the show. It was awesome. I usually have to fly across the country to see a lot of those dudes. It was nice to have everyone in my town for a change.

Dave: You played in the CO band Wretch Like Me. How did you get involved with the band? What was the music scene like in CO? What was it like compared to the scene here in OK?

Dave Klein: I was a big fan of the first two albums, and had seen the band a few times. So, I knew the guys. I also knew Roy [Anderson – Guitar] from his old band out of KCMO. It was early 2000 when Jeff Matz left the band to join Zeke (he plays Bass in High On Fire now). I heard the rumors online and called in every favor I could to try out. I got an audition, didn’t totally blow it… and I got the gig. It was a blast!

The scene up there was awesome at the time. The musicians were so good. Even the guys who sucked, totally shredded. It was nice to jump into a microcosm of the industry. In town, there was the label, a studio, great techs, engineers for every occasion and pretty cool gigs. It was all DIY and all done with precision. There was no reason to leave town. ‘til I left, I guess.

I haven’t been a part of something like that since.

Dave: What made you first want to start playing music? Why the bass guitar?

Dave Klein: Well, I had the skateboard, the punk comp tapes from Keith Kostura and the ‘tude. It just seemed like the natural next step. I knew several guitar players and a couple of drummers, and apparently that thing with 4 strings was a Bass. It just felt right.

Dave: What other bands have you played in?

Dave Klein: Oh, geez… too many. A few of my faves are The Bi-Products(Edmond), Jettison(Kansas City), From Parts Unknown(OKC), and On Again(Edmond).

Dave: Who are the bass players that you look up too and have inspired you?

Dave Klein: Andy Palmer(Forced Entrée, These Enzymes, The Lunch Bunch) is, and always will be, the best Bass player I’ve ever seen. I’ve learned a lot from him over the years. He played stuff in High School that I’ll probably never be able to pull off. He rules!

I have a top 5 list of Bass players; they take turns in the #1 position: Mike Watt, Bob Thompson, Flea, Ed Urlick, Karl Alvarez. There’s something about their styles that has always resonated with me. I’ve stolen little bits of style from each of them to develop my voice… I’m gettin’ there.

Dave: One of the songs that you played at the final Euclid Crash show, Tory (EC’s lead singer) mentioned that it was one that you wrote. I have no idea what that song was called but I remember that I really liked it. How would you describe your songwriting? Is there a particular style or genre that you prefer to write in? What do you like to write about? Do you prefer writing songs on your own or with other band mates?

Dave Klein: That song is called ‘Darker.’ The lyrics are based on a haiku I wrote in college. The music came after listening to PegBoy all day in the car. It doesn’t sound like it, but that’s what went down. I like that one a lot… I guess it dies with Euclid Crash.

I never write on Bass… maybe a riff… but never a song. I usually write music by jamming over movies (The wife hates it). I think the pretty pictures open a part of my brain that helps me out. I write to my mood, and I’m REALLY moody, so the styles are all over the place. As far as writing with or without a band, I go both ways. Depends on the song.

Dave: This is a High Fidelity inspired question. What are your Top 5 favorite bands/artists, albums, movies, TV shows, books/authors?

Dave Klein: My number 1’s: Descendents, Revenge, Kentucky Fried, Buffy, Zen Guitar.

Dave: What’s next for you? (May I suggest starting a band with Euclid Crash’s drummer Jesse Smith? I think that would be an awesome project and one that I would be eager to follow!)

Dave Klein: Jesse and I have already talked about it. I’m open to almost anything, really. One thing that I’m extremely excited about is a new band called They Stay Dead. It’s me on bass, John Hernandez (Wretch, From Parts Unknown, Lunch Bunch) on drums, Ryan and Matt[Owsley] from Euclid Crash on Dueling Axes with Matt singing. We just started, but the first few songs are hard, fast and bad-ass. I can’t wait to unleash it.

The thing with Jesse will probably happen as well. I’ll keep you posted.

Dave: Any final thoughts?

Dave Klein: I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss the oppressive nature of Arizona’s proposed ID law…

Just kidding.

Yours In Bass,

David Klein

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