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10 (More) Questions with Euclid Crash

Local power pop indie punk rock band Euclid Crash will be playing their last show Saturday night November 6th at the Conservatory opening up for Dead To Me and Cobra Skulls. The band reunited last August and had been playing shows and writing new music since but now they are calling it a day. I interviewed lead singer Tory Ayers last August and thought it would be fitting to do a book-end interview with her again on the eve of the band’s last show.

Euclid Crash is one of those bands that I really wish I’d gotten to see and hear more of. The one track I have of theirs, “Girl Talk,” is a mainstay in my playlist and is almost always on my MP3 player but I truly wish that I had more. The band released a CD before they broke up the first time and if anyone out there has a copy, I’d love to hear it (or if the band has one I’d love to buy it) and there are also plans for a digital release of new material (more on that below) that I am hoping to procure as soon as possible. If you are a fan of bands like Weezer, The Rentals, The Epoxies, The Eyeliners, or Scandal you should do yourself a favor and check Euclid Crash out.

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Photos courtesy of Grant Tatum.

Dave: You are playing your last show on Saturday November 6th at The Conservatory opening up for Dead To Me. Why is the band breaking up again?

Tory Ayers: Haha! That “again” makes me laugh! Really, there is no one good reason why. Life, I guess? We had been struggling for awhile to get all of us at practice at the same time and that was very frustrating to set time aside and then not all be there. We have quite a few new songs in the works but the amount of time available for 5 super busy (all hard working and 3 with kids and family’s) people wasn’t doing the creative flow any justice.

Dave: A few months back you had planned on releasing a digital EP. What ever came of that release?

Tory: It’s complete. Just not released. We really wanted to coincide the release with a show but getting us all available on the same date was an issue and then so much time went by that we were only playing live a couple of the songs we had recorded. I do plan to release it anyway on Itunes for free, sooner rather than later.

Dave: Back in May you got to open up for Stephen Egerton at The Conservatory. What was that experience like?

Tory: We were all very honored and excited to play this show. For me it was amazing to perform and have all these faces in music that I’ve been listening to since I was 16 actually there, watching! It was nerve wracking, and totally awesome all in one. And then of course we had a string break after ONE song and had to endure that unfortunate dead time while changing it. We had a great time though! And as always, it was amazing and a great time watching them all play. Drag the River, ALL, Descendents, Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton, Less Than Jake, Scott Reynolds, Chad Price, Stephen, Bill Stevenson, Jon Snodgrass… All of these bands and names represent a really great time in my life. ALL we were missing (in my opinion) was Karl and Milo… (Ed. Note: I’d have to agree. That show was probably the coolest thing that I have ever been a part of and the only thing that would have made it better would have been the addition of Karl Alvarez and Milo Aukerman—and Dave Smalley—to the bill.)

Dave: How do you think your music was different this time around versus before the band broke up the first time?

Tory: After our reunion show last November, we agreed right away to drop the bubblegum pop sound. I really wanted to go a little tougher route. Matt, Ryan, and Dave had evolved in their writing and immediately had more rockin’ and more mature sounds. After years of not really hearing what we recorded and then listening to it a lot to gear up for the reunion show, there was plenty I wanted to change vocally. I don’t really know if I achieved it in our audience’s eyes, but I wanted to sing harder, with more aggression and feeling, resulting in writing a different style of lyrics that did mean more and that called for more aggression. I was more passionate and serious about it overall this time around.

Dave: Since the band has been back together, what shows have been the best and most memorable for you?

Tory: I really enjoyed the reunion. A ton of old friends and faces were there and if felt good to do those songs one last time. Of course the Stephen Egerton release show is at the top of the list. We had a good time at the Rock N Roll Garage Sale at the beloved (RIP) 66 Bowl. I enjoyed putting on an all girlyish show at the Opolis with Sephra, Ali Harter, BulletProof Tiger and us. Norman Music Festival was an honor to play as well. We had a great crowd and had a lot of fun!

Dave: How did Jesse Smith (Roustabouts) come to join the band on drums?

Tory: Matt Owsley and him had played together before and I guess they had talked a bit about playing again. We really wanted to progress our style and considered him to have what we were looking for.

Dave: Was there anything that you wanted to accomplish with the band that just never happened?

Tory: Well I’m sure if we all answered that question you’d get 5 completely different answers. But since I’m answering it, yes. This reuniting symbolized me taking charge of my life again and doing something I love. So for a minute there I really did see us touring at some point, not realizing the impossibility of that due to having a total of 6 (almost 7-Yay Dave and Kelli!) spawns coming from 3 of us. Now I think it served it’s purpose. It brought a little musical joy out of all of us, brought me back into what I love to do overall, and now it’s time to move on.

Dave: Any chance in the future for another Euclid Crash reunion?

Tory: Not unless Dave and Kelli plan on adopting another child from Russia…

Dave: What’s next for you and the rest of the band?

Tory: I hear Dave and Matt have been playing with local drum legend John Hernandez, Jesse has a couple of other bands going, and I have been working on a project with Justin Rice (Student Film) called the D.Whitfield Ensemble. Rianna Schofield (Student Film) and I are slowly but surely putting together an all girl thingy together to melt faces with soon enough. Ryan is taking over the IT world and I’m sure will take the place of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs by 2020, and all the while will be writing obscure and intricate rock ballads, that hopefully he and I will put to record one day…

Dave: Any final thoughts?

Tory: Thanks to our loyal friends and fans who happily accepted us the second time around. It was a great run and we had a lot of fun!
Thank you Dave for having interest in our reunion and our departure! You do a great service to the OKC scene and I hope you continue to!


Dave Klein (bass - Euclid Crash) said...

My children are not a road-block to my music. I have an extremely supportive wife who loves my art and is my best advocate.

Again, my family is in no way responsible for the demise of this band.

See ya tomorrow!

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