Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quote of the Day

I've begun to realize, and Jon Stewart's rally really helped put this into perspective, that the things we all need to work on aren't based on ideology or political theory or anything like that. The key is dialogue, and being willing to say, "you know, I disagree with your approach, but if you think it'll work, I'm willing to talk about it, because we've got a lot of shit to fix, and it'll take all of us to do it."

The only enemies we need to fight are willful ignorance and ideological stubbornness. I've had to purge a lot of my own ideological prejudices over the years, because ideology by its very nature disconnects itself from the everyday issues that really matter to people.

The scientific method starts with a hypothesis, tests it, and then either accepts or rejects the original hypothesis based on the results. If the hypothesis is rejected, then you modify that hypothesis, and the process begins again. Politics should be done in a similar manner. If you think cutting taxes will help the economy, and then you test that, and it fails, then you have to modify that idea and start again. If you think nationalizing the banking industry will help the economy, and you test that, and it fails, then you have to modify that and start again. The key is not who's right, but rather what's right. Sure, all of this is an oversimplification, but the point is sound.
-- Ethan from the post You go, then I'll go

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