Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How I Will Vote on Tuesday

There is a lot that is going to be on the ballot on Tuesday November 2nd and honestly I haven’t really sat down to decide exactly how I’m going to vote until just now. There are still some races that I haven’t decided on, so those I am not listing here.

Governor of Oklahoma
Mary Fallin vs. Jari Askins
My vote: Jari Askins

United States Senate
Tom Coburn vs. Jim Rogers vs. Stephen Wallace vs. Ronald Dwyer
My vote: Stephen Wallace

Oklahoma State House of Representatives District 53
Randy Terrill vs. Amy Corley
My vote: Amy Corley

In many of these races I doubt my vote will matter because I suspect that the Republicans are going to win this thing in a walk. I guess we shall see next week.

State Questions – If you’re looking for more information on this years state questions, please check out Steve’s post Oklahoma State Questions in 2010 and’s State Ballot Measures-November 2010.

SQ 744
My vote:
No. (While I fully support public schools and whole heartedly believe that school funding needs to go up, this bill is not the way to do it.)

SQ 746
My vote:

SQ 747
My vote:

SQ 748
My vote:

SQ 750
My vote:

SQ 751
My vote: Undecided. (I’m sure that this will pass and while I think people coming to this country should learn English, I’m not sure what the unintended consequences of this amendment could be and that is what bothers me.)

SQ 752
My vote:
Undecided. (I’m not really sure what the point of this one is really.)

SQ 754
My vote:
Undecided. (This one I just don’t understand to be completely honest.)

SQ 755
My vote:
Undecided. (I will probably vote Yes for this because I don’t want any religious document, scripture, or law to be used when deciding legal matters but I have to admit that the League of Women Votes makes a reasonable argument opposing the measure.)

SQ 756
My vote:
Yes. (Not that my vote matters on this one but I think that Obamacare was just a really bad bill and should not have been passed.)

SQ 757
My vote:
Undecided but leaning Yes. (I like the idea of increasing the amount of revenue that goes into the “rainy day fund” but I’m not sure if it is possible to do so now with the current economic situation.)


Steve said...

I went to a forum about these state questions and really learned a lot from the panelists. I wrote about it here: Quibbling Potatoes: State Questions. It answered my questions, most of which were along the lines of, why the f should I care about a apportionment commission (answer: I shouldn't).

Otter Limits said...

How do we compare here Dave?

On State Questions we only disagreed on 748 and 750.

For Governor, I understand (or think I understand) why you are voting for Askins. As a protest vote, right? If so, I applaud your efforts against Fallin and wish I could lodge a protest vote but I can not bring myself to put my check mark next to Askins name either. I would quite honestly feel kind of sleazy.

For U.S. Senate, again I applaud you for voting for the Independent candidate. I, however, still have some hope for Coburn and think he has tried to do a pretty good job for us up there in D.C. I think if it were Inhofe running against an Independent, I would choose the Independent. I still like Tom though.

I don't live in District 53 but if I did I would be siding with you on voting against Randy Terrill as well.

Dave said...

Steve -- Thanks for stopping by and for the link to your blog. I will be adding you to my Google Reader shortly. :o)

Steve (aka Otter Limits) -- I'm not surprised that we agreed on most of the state questions. As for the Governor, yes my vote is a protest vote but I also think that between our two choices, Askins would be the better one for the job. But if she wins then it is a sure sign that Hell has frozen over.

Otter Limits said...

I agree. I really don't think Akins has a chance in hell of beating the GOP's Golden Girl. I hope she winds up being a one termer though.