Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CD Review: Truth or Dare

Artist: Automatic Loveletter (Official, MySpace, Wikipedia)
Album: Truth or Dare (Amazon, iTunes)

Automatic Loveletter is a pop rock band that has elements of later-day emo and pop punk in their music. Their full-length debut Truth or Dare is a pretty good album that is well played with tight production. The songs are generally mid-tempo in nature with personal lyrics punctuated by lead singer’s Juliet Simms’ slightly raspy vocals. Fans of bands like Paramore should definitely check out this album.

What struck me most about this record, and this is not a criticism as much a commentary on modern music, is how much it reminded me of a more aggressive version of Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez. These songs, aside from the ones with bad words in them, could easily fit into the Radio Disney playlist, or maybe more accurately this is the kind of band that I could see Radio Disney fans turning to as they get older and search for music that is a bit darker. In fact, that was my first thought when I heard this album. I honestly didn’t hear the pop punk or emo influences until I started looking up info on the band and found those genres listed on the Wikipedia entry about the band. What I find fascinating is how much of an influence that emo and pop punk have come to have on mainstream pop music. Granted, I’m not sure that the members of Automatic Loveletter grew up on the likes of Hot Water Music or Screeching Weasel, but they obviously were influenced by bands who did (hence my use of the term “later-day emo and pop punk”).

Automatic Loeletter will be playing at The Conservatory tomorrow night (October 14th) with Valencia. I have a felling that these guys put on a good show so if you’re not doing anything else that night, go and check them out.

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