Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bradley Cooper to Play The Flash?

Cinematical is reporting that Bradley Cooper (from The A-Team, but I know him best from Alias) is the rumored frontrunner to play The Flash. Interestingly, the story also mentions that Ryan Reynolds was set to play The Flash about five years ago but that project fell through (plus he is now Green Lantern). In the comments section of this story, quite a few people have voiced the opinion that Reynolds would make a better Flash and Cooper a better Green Lantern. Personally I think that Reynolds is beyond perfect to play Green Lantern Hal Jordan and I think that Cooper could pull off The Flash, but I guess the big question is, which Flash would he play? I suspect that DC and Warner Brothers would elect to go with the Barry Allen Flash over the Wally West Flash (especially since Barry is now back, alive and running in the DC Universe).

My biggest hope for this project is that they bring in DC writer Geoff Johns to help with the script or at least contact him for advice in the writing process. He has proven to be one of the best writers in comics today and knows the character of The Flash (see The Flash: Rebirth).


Otter Limits said...

I'm a little stoked to see a Flash movie, but not near as stoked as I am to see the Green Lantern flick.

My only concern with whether or not the Flash character can carry his own movie. Same with Captain Marvel (Shazam). Although he is an awesome character, I think the reason the project has stalled is because the studios are not sure the character deserves their own solo film.

Dave said...

True, but I think that The Flash or Green Lantern or Captain Marvel (well maybe not as much) could easily support their own film, if it is done well. I mean why not? These characters are a central to the DC Universe as Captain America, Thor, and the X-Men are to Marvel. In fact, in the line of importance to the DCU I would rank Green Lantern and Flash at # 4 and 5 respectfully (the top 3 would be Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman).

Otter Limits said...

I'm not sure if Wonder Woman would rank #3 if I were making the list. I think Green Lantern is more important than her. Guess it depends on your perspective I guess.