Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Truth and Wisdom Found in a Comic Book

Technically it’s a graphic novel but this was originally released as a comic book. The following if from Countdown to Final Crisis Volume 1 (Amazon, Wikipedia) pages 126-127. The specifics of the setting aren’t all that important other to know that a group of villains are at a restaurant and one of them is being a complete jerk to the waitress.

Mirror Master: Ever hear that sayin’ that customer’s always right? Me bein’ the customer in this situation equals me bein’ right…ALWAYS.

Piper: That just happens to be the worst philosophy invented by a free market economy.

Unknown Villain # 1: What are you talking about Piper?

Heatwave: He’s drunk.

Piper: Drunk? I’m drinking ginger ale, Heatwave. Anyway, that one phrase gave the entire country a green light to be as rude and demanding as they please. It destroyed the entire concept of common courtesy and manners.

Mirror Master: Hey if she don’t like the job she can piss of an’ find another.

Piper: All I’m saying is people treat service industry workers like they’re idiots who don’t have feelings or dignity just because they brought the wrong drink or a steak is overcooked. Instead of receiving negative consequences for being disrespectful and ignorant dirtbags, they’re rewarded with free things and butt kissing.

There is so much truth and brilliance in this exchange that it is mind blowing. The Mirror Master character perfectly represents all of the completely ignorant and asshole-ish people out there that think it is okay to treat those who serve them like dirt. And Piper’s commentary on the situation is beyond perfect. I truly could not have said this any better myself!!!

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