Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Favorite Genres in Music

After doing the My Current Rotating Top 20 I thought it would be interesting to do a breakdown of the genres of the bands that I listed, do the math, and determine what is, statistically at least, my favorite genre of music.

Here is the breakdown –
  • 20 bands fell into the pop punk genre
  • 9 bands fell into the street punk/oi genre
  • 5 bands fell into the alternative/college rock genre
  • 6 bands fell into the punk genre
  • 5 bands fell into the indie rock genre
  • 4 bands fell into the alt country genre
  • 2 bands fell into the melodic hardcore genre
  • 2 bands fell into the Celtic punk genre
  • 2 bands fell into the rock genre
  • 1 band fell into the post hardcore/emo genre
  • 1 band fell into the power pop genre
  • 1 band fell into the pop genre
  • 1 band fell into the hardcore genre
  • 1 band fell into the psychobilly/rockabilly/cow punk genre

Obviously this doesn’t add up to the same number of bands that I listed but that is because quite a few of those bands straddle multiple genres. And if you are curious as to how I labeled each band, here is the list –

Descendents -- pop punk
ALL -- pop punk
TonyALL -- pop punk
Down By Law -- pop punk, melodic hardcore
Goodbye Harry -- pop punk
Drag the River -- alt country
The Pavers -- pop punk
Scott Reynolds & the Steaming Beast -- pop, alt country
Stephen Egerton -- pop punk
U2 -- alternative/college rock
R.E.M. -- alternative/college rock
Dropkick Murphys -- street punk/oi, Celtic punk, punk
Street Dogs -- street punk/oi, Celtic punk, punk
7 Seconds -- hardcore, punk
Dag Nasty -- melodic hardcore
Swingin’ Utters -- street punk/oi, punk
Filthy Thieving Bastards -- alt country
Me First & the Gimme Gimmes -- pop punk
Re-Volts -- pop punk, street punk/oi
Druglords of the Avenues -- street punk/oi, punk
The Replacements -- college rock/alternative
Buffalo Tom -- indie rock, college rock/alternative
One Man Army -- pop punk street punk/oi
Dead To Me -- pop punk
Ben Lee -- indie rock
The Thermals -- indie rock, power pop
Jenny Lewis -- alt country, indie rock
Rilo Kiley -- indie rock
Hagfish -- pop punk
Hudson Falcons -- street punk/oi, punk, rock
The GC5 -- street punk/oi, punk, rock, college rock/alternative
The Staggers -- street punk/oi, psychobilly/cow punk
The Methadones -- pop punk
The Riverdales -- pop punk
Screeching Weasel -- pop punk
Roustabouts -- street punk/oi, post hardcore/emo, pop punk,
Sinkhole -- pop punk
Big Drill Car -- pop punk
Teenage Bottlerocket -- pop punk
The Copyrights -- pop punk

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