Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coburn Just Lost My Vote

I didn’t vote for Tom Coburn when he first ran for the Senate but I’ve been happy overall with his performance as our Senator. Sure he and I disagree on a lot of things but I liked that he really tended to piss off lots of people in Washington. That was until I heard the Here & Now segment Inside C-Street, The House That Hoped To Transform America on Monday. That’s when I learned that Dr. Tom is a member of The Family.

The Family, a.k.a. The Fellowship, is a Christian organization—bordering on a secret society—that has been known to use US officials, politicians, and corporate leaders to help support and prop up powerful dictators throughout the world, including being behind the proposed bill in Uganda that called for the death penalty for homosexuals. I have a copy of Jeff Sharlet’s The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power (Amazon, Wikipedia) on my “To Read” shelf, but based on my mom’s reaction to the book I haven’t read it yet because I simply don’t want to get that angry and worked up.

So if I’m not going to vote for Coburn, who am I going to vote for? According to Steve’s latest poll on The Otter Limits—New Poll: U.S. Senate Contest in Oklahoma—I have a Democrat and two Independents to choose from, but only one of those candidates has a website so information on these candidates seems to be lacking. The one candidate who does have a website, Steve Wallace, lists “National Referendum for Term Limits” under the “My Objectives” section and based solely on that I am leaning towards him, but to be fair to the rest of the pack I’ve done all of 10 minutes worth of research so this opinion may be changing.

I harbor no delusions that Tom Coburn won’t win re-election or that he won’t do a fairly descent job in a second term as our Senator, but the simple fact is that I cannot support him.

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