Wednesday, August 11, 2010

UK’s Oldest Home

According to this story, archeologists in the UK have uncovered what may very well be the oldest house in Great Britain “dating back about 11,000 years.”

From the story –
The dwelling, which has lake views, a thatched roof and very original features, predates the country's famous Stonehenge monument by around 6,000 years and was built at a time when Britain was still connected to continental Europe.

Teams from the University of York and the University of Manchester working at the site believe the circular shaped home was built in about 8,500 B.C. next to an ancient lake at Star Carr, near Scarborough, in northeastern England.

"This is a sensational discovery and tells us so much about the people who lived at this time," Nicky Milner from the University of York said Wednesday. "From this excavation, we gain a vivid picture of how these people lived."


The house is about 500 to 1,000 years older than a building in Howick, northern England, previously thought to have been the country's oldest home.

"This changes our ideas of the lives of the first settlers to move back into Britain after the end of the last Ice Age. We used to think they moved around a lot and left little evidence. Now we know they built large structures and were very attached to particular places in the landscape," said Chantal Conneller, an archaeologist at the University of Manchester.

Artifacts found at the site — which include part of an oar, arrow tips and deer skulls — offer clues to the lives of the settlers. It's thought they kept domestic dogs, hunted deer, wild boar and elk, fished on the lake and had rituals that involved the use of headdresses fashioned from animal skulls.
Am I the only one that is completely fascinated by stories like this?


Clem said...

Sorry, this old house is not what it seems.

As Man of the West informed us, the universe is only 6,000 years old.

Therefore, if the English house appears to be 11,000 years old, then it is bogus, planted by God, and was never inhabited by human beings.

That is, according to the people like MOTW who take the Bible as having no other possible interpretation than their own.

We should have faith in those people. Or not.

Dave said...

Wow, you really have something against MOTW don't you?

Clem said...

It's a logical conclusion of what the man said in this forum. Everyone is free to agree or disagree with him or me or anyone else who comments.

Dave said...

Oh I have problems with disagreement at all, in fact MOTW disagree far more often than we agree. I also know that this is a logical conclusion to draw as well, I just thought it was a bit harsh to call him out specifically instead of referring to people who hold these beliefs in general.

Dave said...

But you should also realize that I'm kind of ulta-sensative about that type of stuff. I went off on some customer at work last night because of the way he was speaking to me. I have issues, I know. *sigh*