Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Thermals Set to Release New Album in September

Power pop punk rock masters The Thermals will be releasing their latest album, Personal Life, in September and according to singer-guitarist Hutch Harris, this record was more of a collaborative project.

From the story –
"We're a band again," the Portland-based musician happily tells Spinner. "It was more of a project on the two records before this one -- I mainly wrote on guitar and all the other instruments just kind of propped up the guitar and vocals, but now everyone is writing their own part."


Operating as a full-fledged unit in the studio -- Glass joined the group after their last disc, 'Now We Can See,' was already released -- allowed Harris and Foster to make their fifth effort more organically. "We had gotten into all these overdubs, doing a ton of instruments and really making these packed-full songs. But this time there's none of that," says the chatty frontman. "There's no extra guitar parts -- there's no extra anything -- the band just played and I sang afterward, and then Chris Walla from Death Cab [For Cutie] produced it."

So what does this change in approach mean to the Thermals' melodic pop-punk sound?

"We still have a lot of songs that are fast and loud with lots of 'Oh Ohs,'" Harris says. "But there are also some really spacious songs. Songs that have a lot of room in them instead of all the downstroke on big chords and very loud and in-your-face. It's definitely a new direction for us, a little more introspective and dark, for lack of a better term."


Fans can rest assured, though, Harris isn't talking a total departure from the catchy tunes that landed the Thermals a coveted spot on Sub Pop's roster back in 2003 (the outfit is now signed to Kill Rock Stars, the label behind their last effort).

"I still always describe us along the lines of an old-school punk band," he says. "I start with the Ramones because we're fun, not like going-to-kick-your-ass punk, and then, since our sound has always been a little lo-fi, I talk about '90s bands like Eric's Trip, Sebadoh and Guided by Voices."
Sadly I joined the game with The Thermals pretty late (when I heard their 2006 album The Body, the Blood, the Machine) but since then I have been extremely impressed with everything that I’ve heard. I think that the description of the Ramones meets Sebadoh is a great way to describe the band’s music and I highly recommend fans of either band that have yet to hear The Thermals, do yourself a favor and check this band out!

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The Thermals are performing in NYC on 10/13 at Irving Plaza. Tickets are available at Hope to see you there!