Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spike to Become a Semi-Superhero

According to this story, James Marsters, best known for playing Spike on Buff the Vampire Slayer and Angel, is going to star in a new Syfy series about a superhero team of folks with lackluster powers.

From the story –
The show revolves around a man named Walter who gets struck by lightning and finds he can move objects with his mind -- but he can only move them three inches. He is then recruited into a superhero gang full of people with similarly lackluster powers. Marsters' character, Troy, is the gang leader. His power(s) have yet to be revealed.


'Three Inches' has potential, since there is a long tradition of un-traditional, ne'er-do-well superheroes in the comics ('Ambush Bug,' 'The Legion of Substitute Superheroes,' 'Lethargic Lad') and on the screen ('The Tick,' 'Mystery Men' which were also comic series, 'Blankman'). It's an appealing idea, bringing superheroes down to earth. When done well, it can be great.

But there's also a towering heap of used tights from projects that were worse than their heroes' powers. Marsters' involvement in 'Three Inches' is a good sign. So is the fact that Peyton, who also penned the screenplay for 'Less Than Zero,' is writing the
series. Fox Television Studios, which is producing the show for Syfy, is promising something a little twisted. So far, they're off to a good start.
This certainly sounds like it has potential.

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