Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Palpatine? Really?

In a recent post MOTW compared President Obama to Emperor Palpatine.

From the post –
I'm sure you remember Palpatine. He was that Star Wars character that spent years in the Galactic Senate, pretending to be a good galactic citizen with the noblest of intentions, eventually rising to the position of Chancellor and invested with emergency powers. In reality, he was an evil Sith Lord, whose goal was to eliminate the Republic and replace it with a Sith Empire.

Why bring him up here?

Well, I've been reading a book called The Manchurian President. It is an interesting read, but I will save you the trouble, if you like. It is little but long and meticulous documentation of how Barack Obama, since he was a small child--since birth, really--has been born to, raised among, influenced by, worked with, worked for, been associated with, favored by, etc., etc., etc., an assortment of communists, socialists, hard-leftists, and Islamist radicals. It is not conjecture. The information has been pulled largely from newspaper accounts, newsletters and magazines (like the Trinity United Church of Christ's Trumpet) and personal interviews.

Many of these people come from organizations where one of the chief tactics is what is termed "boring from within":--joining the established system with the express goal of working from within to undermine and demolish it.

Now, I suppose you can believe one of at least three things:

1) Barack Obama has come from a background of anti-capitalist and anti-America-as-we-know-it thugs, risen to the presidency, and is deliberately trying to crash the system so as to replace it with something else, which would be perfectly consistent with his friends' and acquaintances' ideology and tactics, or...

2) He has played along with all these people since he was a boy, waiting for the right opportunity to betray them all, or...

3) He has somehow fit right in with all these people for decades, yet has absolutely no clue what they're about, or what he's doing, for that matter.
For those who disagree with the president I can see how all signs would point to # 1. And while I am no fan of the president and am hoping that—unless that GOP nominates a complete nutcase—he does not get re-elected, I just can’t believe that he is evil…misguided and way too confident in the ability of government to solve problems maybe, but not evil.

What do you think?

Oh an before anyone jumps my stuff, I did jokingly compare President Bush to Palpatine, in the way that he and his administration were collecting and hording power into the Executive Branch—powers now being used by the Obama administration I might add—but I never said that the man was evil or trying to destroy the country. You can see those posts here and here.


Clem said...

What do I think? I think the book was written to separate kooks from their money.

Clem said...

From an Amazon reviewer about this book:

These funny conspiracy theories help obscure how dull this book really is, and how the repetition of the same discredited ideas wears on the reader. Even the ending of the book is lackluster, a tacked-on distortion of the health care bill. When your book's concluding sentence is, "At this juncture, the two versions of the health care bill must next be reconciled into a single document and voted on again," it shows how scatterbrained and ultimately pointless this whole book is.

Klein writes, in a truly hilarious line, "We do not believe in 'guilt by association' nor in 'the politics of personal destruction.'" If they don't believe in it, then it's strange to write a book consisting of nothing but that.

Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, Klein explains, married the son of Vernon Jarrett in 1983, and Vernon Jarrett in the 1940s "frequented the South Side Community Art Center, which was dominated by communists." This is quite a conspiracy theory: Obama is guilty of radical ties because one of his friends married a guy whose father was linked to an art center 60 years ago where some communists were seen.

In what may be the most absurd claim of a preposterous book, Klein wrote: "Obama became the Manchurian candidate product of" ACORN and the Weather Underground. This is what passes for best-selling intellectual analysis on the right today: a mish-mash of incoherent conspiracy theories "proven" by footnotes to a series of lunatics and idiot bloggers, all of it aimed at a voracious audience of conservatives who want to believe anything evil about Barack Obama, even when it makes no sense at all.