Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Future is Looking Bleak…

To John Mellencamp. He also doesn’t like the internet either.

From the story –
"I think the Internet is the most dangerous thing invented since the atomic bomb," he said at a recent Grammy Museum seminar, Reuters reports. "It's destroyed the music business. It's going to destroy the movie business."

Mellencamp isn't just railing against the internet when it comes to people downloading music without paying; he's not a fan of digital sound quality. Case in point: a remastered Beatles song he listened to on an iPod. "You could barely even recognize it as the same song," he said. "You could tell it was those guys singing, but the warmth and quality of what the artist intended for us to hear was so vastly

He also offers a less-than-optimistic view on the future of rock. "After a few generations, it's gone," he said. "Rock 'n' roll -- as important as we think it is, and as big as it was, and as much money as people made on it, and as proud as I am to say that I was part of it -- at the end of the day, they're gonna say: 'Yeah, there was this band called the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, and this guy named Bob Dylan ... And the rest of us? We're just gonna be footnotes. And I think that that's OK."

If you think that's bleak, Mellencamp also offered a grim prospect of our country's future. Apparently, he believes that before rock dies "some smart people, the China-Russians or something" will have already taken over our country. So, there's that.
I have to admit that I never picture John Cougar to be such a downer.

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