Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dischord to Release Dag Nasty Album with Original Vocalist is reporting that Dischord Records will be releasing the long discarding Dag Nasty album recorded with the band’s original vocalist.

From the story –
Dischord Records has set a November 2010 release date for Dag With Shawn, the long-shelved version of Dag Nasty featuring vocalist Shawn Brown. Brown was the band's first vocalist but left the band before the release of Can I Say. When he left, the album was re-recorded with Dave Smalley. The album was produced by Ian Mackaye and the original recording was taken from the restored master tapes, and remastered.
I’ve heard some recordings with Shawn on vocals on the 85-86 compilation, which was actually the first Dag Nasty release that I ever owned (and sadly no longer have). As Ferris would say, "good stuff." I’m really looking forward to getting this CD!

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