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Title: Cat’s Claw (Amazon)
Author: Amber Benson (Official Blog, Twitter, Wikipedia)

Cat’s Claw is the second Calliope Reaper-Jones novel and takes place a few months after the events of Death’s Daughter. Calliope is the daughter of the head of Death, Inc. (i.e. the Grimm Reaper) but wants nothing more than to have a regular, human life. Unfortunately for her, the supernatural community has decided otherwise.

This series of books falls into a sub-genre of fantasy literature that I refer to as myth based fantasy. Similar to the Percy Jackson series, the Nicholas Flamel series, and the show Supernatural, the Calliope Reaper-Jones series mixes mythology and religion with urban fantasy (I’ve been planning on doing a post on this very topic, but for some reason it just never seems to make it out of my head and onto the computer). In this series, all deities, all mythologies, all religious scriptures are based on some sort of reality. There is a Heaven, Hell, Devil, God and gods, and Death. What I love about this series is how Ms. Benson has crafted the world in which all of these deities coexist (there is also the fantastic little bit that God is neither male nor female, just a disembodied and extremely powerful unisex voice). The only drawback to these books is the main character. She is snotty, self-centered, and a bit too status/fashion conscious, but she is a character that, at least in the first book, grew quite a bit as a person and left me not hating her by the end.

I’m only four chapters in to Cat’s Claw but so far the book is as enjoyable as its predecessor. If you haven’t checked out this series but like books that mix mythology with the fantasy then I highly suggest you give these books a try.

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