Saturday, August 28, 2010

Currently Listening

1. “Roger” by Dag Nasty (from Wig Out at Denko’s [Bonus Tracks])
2. “Mango” by Dag Nasty (from Four on the Floor)
3. “Take Away” by Big Drill Car (from Batch)
4. “What You Believe” by Big Drill Car (from No Worse for the Wear)
5. “Poprocks & Coke” by Green Day (from International Superhits!)
6. “One of My Lies” by Green Day (from Kerplunk)
7. “Rocketship X-M” by The Riverdales (from Invasion USA)
8. “I Won’t Forget You” by The Riverdales (from The Riverdales [Bonus Tracks])
9. “Radio” by Alkaline Trio (from Maybe I’ll Catch Fire)
10. “Off the Map” by Alkaline Trio (from This Addiction)

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