Monday, August 16, 2010

Currently Listening

Today we’re doing more songs by girl bands or songs that have guy/girl duets.

1. “We Me Well (You Can Go to Hell)” by The Bouncing Souls (from Hopeless Romantic)
2. “Hot Pants” by The Donnas (from Turn 21)
3. “The Dirty Glass” by Dropkick Murphys (from Blackout)
4. “It’ You” by The Epoxies (from Stop the Future)
5. “C’Mon” by Go Betty Go (from Worst Enemy [EP])
6. “Vacation” by The GoGo’s (from Return to the Valley of the Go-Go’s Disc 2)
7. “Goodbye to You” by The Methadones (from 21st Century Power Pop Riot)
8. “Could’ve Been You” by The Eyeliners (from Sealed with a Kiss)
9. “Portions for Foxes” by Rilo Kiley (from More Adventurous)
10. “Rosie” by The Smugglers & Rosie Melberg (from Rosie)

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