Monday, August 09, 2010

Currently Listening

1. “L.O.V.E. I Hate You” by Swingin’ Utters (from The Sounds Wrong EP)
2. “Metal Baby” by Teenage Fanclub (from Bandwagonesque)
3. “Perfect Situation” by Weezer (from Make Believe)
4. “Fall Down Easy” by Uncle Tupelo (from Still Feel Gone)
5. “Old Friend” by Rancid (from …And Out Come the Wolves)
6. “2nd Street” by Pinhead Gunpowder (from Compulsive Disclosure)
7. “Happy” by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin (from God Fodder)
8. “Astro Zombies” by Misfits (from Misfits: Collection 1)
9. “Trusty Chords” by Hot Water Music (from Caution)
10. “Kiss Me Deadly” by Generation X (from Anthology Disc 1)

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