Sunday, August 29, 2010

Comics Review: The Flash: Rebirth

Title: The Flash: Rebirth (DC Comics, Amazon, Wikipedia)

The Flash: Rebirth chronicles the return of Barry Allen to the DC Universe. Barry Allen died in 1985 in Crisis on Infinite Earths and it seemed that his death was the only thing that wasn’t eventually undone from that series. Occasionally over the years Barry would make a small return, like in Infinite Crisis, but generally he remained dead. That was until Final Crisis (a series that I have yet to read), in which Barry completely returned from the Speed Force.

Since I started reading comics after COIE’s, my exposure to Barry Allen as The Flash was fairly limited but I was always extremely impressed with his death and the importance that it had to the DCU. So needless to say, I was very dubious of the prospects of Barry returning fulltime to the DCU. Luckily this series was written by Geoff Jones (Infinite Crisis, Green Lantern: Rebirth) who has a knack for knowing these characters and how to breathe new life into them. What really impressed me with The Flash: Rebirth was how the story was complex and went in-depth in explaining the nature of the Speed Force. It also brought out the true nature of these characters, including all of those who have taken on the mantel of the Flash.

Overall I think this is a great read and something that comic fans should definitely check out.

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