Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who is Worse?

Jimmie at has a post slamming the liberal polemic Keith Olbermann. Now I can totally understand why conservatives can’t stand this guy. It’s for the same reasons that liberals can’t stand the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, and Ann Coulter. They have all spewed just as much anti-Democratic, anti-liberal hate as Olbermann has spewed hate for the Republicans and conservatives.

And guess what folks? They’re all idiots for doing it!

These people think that by simply being jackasses and calling those they don’t like names will some how help the country and they are dead wrong. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing on the issues and having a healthy debate about it but that is not at all what these people do. These people, their jobs are to get people riled up so that they keep tuning in to the radio and TV and keep buying their books. That’s it. And the truly sick thing is that they rationalize their bad behavior by pointing the finger at the bad behavior of the other guys. Call me crazy but not only is that hypocritical, it is illogical and intellectually dishonest. If that type of behavior and rhetoric is bad for the country, then it is bad for the country no matter who is saying it. You don’t defend against something like this by taking on that very same tactic. By doing some, you become no better than those you are trying to criticize.

The real debates that need to go on in this country may never happen thanks to the likes of the Olbermanns and Hannitys of the world. We have serious problems and it is about time we put the childishness aside and be adults for once.

Note: I am not lost at all on the irony of my use of the terms “idiots” and “jackasses” in this post. This goes against my own rules of engagement but I get so frustrated with the likes of these polemics that I was at a loss for better terms. Any suggestions?

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