Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Which Song Should The Spy Play?: “This Ain’t No Picnic” vs. “Unsatisfied”

This week we have a couple of cult classics to choose from: “This Ain’t No Picnic”by The Minutemen and “Unsatisfied” by The Replacements. I mean seriously…how could you go wrong with either song or either band? Happy voting!

“This Ain’t No Picnic”by The Minutemen

“Unsatisfied” by The Replacements


Rodger A. Payne said...

I vote for the 'mats.

Dave said...

Thanks for voting Roger. While The Replacements are one of my favorite bands, I just can’t see any truly alternative radio station not having “This Ain’t No Picnic” in regular rotation. That’s like not playing “Punk Rock Girl” or “Anarchy in the UK,” both of which I’ve heard played on The Spy.