Saturday, July 03, 2010

What Happens After They are Born?

I’m not sure what’s prompting me to write this post or pose this question, other than the topic was mentioned in some comments recently and it is something that has always bugged me (for lack of a better term) a bit.

The topic: abortion.

The question: what happens to the baby after it is born?

So much of the arguments made by the pro-life movement surround the life of the unborn child and their concern for said life. It seems to me though, that with the exception of a very few, that concern ends as soon as the child is born. What happens to those children who are born into absolutely horrendous situations? I know this will sound cold but sometimes I think not having the baby is the most responsible thing to do.

Abortion is a horrible thing that should be avoided at all costs but sometimes it might be the right thing to do. I guess where I differ from the pro-life crowd is that they are worried about the baby in the womb and I’m worried about what’s going to happen to that baby in the world.


Otter Limits said...

I think that these children born into bad situations where the parent(s) are unable to care for the child, the baby should be put up for adoption.

The amount of people that want children but can not have them and would like to adopt are staggering and if there is a child out there that has been born but is unwanted by its bio-parents, there are more than enough people that would love to adopt that baby.

Blogmaster said...

Wake up and smell the flowers of care everywhere...thousands of agencys, orphanagea and adoptive parents are busy doing something for the children as we just talk about it. As a single parent father you are one of the hero's to.