Saturday, July 17, 2010

Something from Nothing

One of the arguments used against atheists is how can something come from nothing. In the post Atheists and something from nothing, the CLS makes his counter argument. If nothing else, it is an interesting read.

Money Quote –
We have to remember that those seeking answers are fallible humans who make errors. That we may lack the skill to answer specific questions doesn't mean that the answers don't exist, just that we are incapable of finding them. I have confidence in the scientific method, it is pretty damn good. What I lack is confidence that we fallible humans will necessarily find answers to every question we ask.


Clem said...

Money quote #2 from that site:

"Conservatism itself is intellectually sterile and so they have had to take what libertarians have been writing. Left to their own devices, they produce the likes of Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh, intellectual midgets who think sneer and smear is a form of intellectual argumentation."

Or Beck, or Hannity, or Ingraham, or Savage, or Goldberg, or Malkin, or O'Reilly, or Palin, or...

Clem said...

Money quote #3 from post Bat-crazy Christians hold public bitchfest

"People often argue that Christian fundamentalists are not as bad as Muslim fundamentalists. What they ignore is the different social contexts. In the Muslim world the fundamentalists dominate and thus their hatred and violence is unleashed. Christian fundamentalists live in Western, predominantly secular society where social sanctions are brought to bear instantly when clear cut hatred is demonstrated. All one has to do is witness what happens every time the nutters from Westboro Baptist Church show up with their hate signs against gays and Jews. Thousands of people instantly respond in a counter-protest.

"But the real test of the tolerance of individuals is not how they behave when they are restrained by the culture and law that surrounds them, but how they behave when they have the freedom to act inhumanely. Historically fundamentalist Christians were easily and openly violent and cruel to others, when they dominated the culture. These people murdered other Christians, such as Quakers, simply for not being of their church. These people tortured innocent people into confessing that they were witches. They burned theologians at the stake, whipped people, imprisoned them and tortured them. And they did it without batting an eye.

"But that was when they controlled the culture around them. Now they don't. But we should not delude ourselves into thinking that this lack of ability to harm others means that they don't have the desire."