Friday, July 23, 2010

O’Reilly Admits He was Wrong

In his latest column, Bill O’Reilly admits that he did a less than stellar job in his initial reporting on the Shirley Sherrod scandal.

From the column –
Regretfully, I did not examine the full transcript of Ms. Sherrod's remarks closely enough and, after hearing that the white farmer got hosed, I said she should resign. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack made the same mistake; so did the NAACP. Like all Americans, Ms. Sherrod deserves to be treated fairly, and she should be reinstated at the Department of Agriculture. However, the situation deserves a top-to-bottom examination by the feds.
For many years conservatives have claimed that the NAACP is a racist organization and they jumped on this story as a way to prove their point. Unfortunately this is a story that was taken out of context. Are their elements of the NAACP that are racist? I’m sure there are, just as there are elements of the Tea Party movement that are racist but as Vice President Biden said, that doesn’t make the entire movement racist.

The use of the race card had gotten so extraordinarily old that it is almost laughable. The more the race card is played simply for political gain, the less likely people are to pay actually pay attention to the legitimate claims of racism when they occur. This story is also a prime example of how bad journalism has gotten and how quickly people will make knee-jerk reactions without examining the facts fully and completely. It really is a sad commentary on our state of affairs.

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