Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is Obama Helping the GOP?

The blog Classically Liberal has a great post titled How Obaman and the Radical Left are creating a Republican resurgence. In the post CLS concludes that Obama is making the error in thinking that he was elected because of his views and not because of the failures of the previous administration. The post is extremely well thought out, thorough, and worth checking out.

Money Quote –
When polls investigate the independent voter certain things stand out. They do tend to like low taxes and don’t want big government. They sound pretty conservative. But they also tend to support marriage equality and don’t want to enforce Biblical law, unlike the theopublicans. In other words, the independent voters tend to drift in a libertarian direction, and not toward either the authoritarian Left or the authoritarian Right.


I will reiterate my view that the Republicans, if they want to be a party of government for the long term, will still have to scuttle their links to the Christian lunatic fringe. Of course, the Democrats could do the same thing if they rejected the old tax, spend, regulate policies of their socialist ideologues. Until one of the two major parties wises up, and abandons the ideological albatross around their neck, the independent voters will swing the elections. But that is not necessarily a bad thing since these are people who tend to want sound economics, aren’t interested in Christian moralism, and aren’t too keen to police the world.

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Otter said...

I agree with CLS in that I don't believe Obama got elected on his own merits but got elected as a reaction against the previous administration.

It actually does not surprise me that most people, according to the polls, follow more closely to being libertarian than being liberal or conservative.

However, I disagree when he says he thinks the Republican party should abandon their Christian principles. The idea that a party should abandon its principles just to win elections I also don't agree with.