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Great Band Alert: Grieving

Cambridge, England's Grieving is a powerhouse of a new band.  Mixing elements of post hardcore, melodic punk anthems, indie rock, with great pop sensibilities, Grieving have created a sound that is distinct, powerful, poignant, catchy, and familiar.  To date the band has released three songs: the stupidly catchy anthem "No Sleep," the slightly angular "Owning," and the broodily subdued "My Friend, The Ghost."  All three songs are distinct and pull from varying influences but all three are obviously Grieving.  This band has perfectly mixed influences as disparate as Jawbreaker, Fugazi, Guided By Voices, and "Don't Change" era INXS into a sound that is something to behold.  These guys obviously have incredible taste in music because it shines through in these songs.  This is a band to watch and I for one can't wait to see what they do next!

For more information on Grieving check out their Facebook, TwitterBandCamp, and SoundCloud pages.

EP Review: 'The Great Thieves Escape II' by Walk the Plank, No Fun, Such Gold, Harker

Title:  The Great Thieves Escape II (No Panic Records, Flix Records, BandCamp [No Panic])
Artists:  Walk the Plank (Facebook, BandCamp), No Fun (Facebook, BandCamp), Such Gold (OfficialFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr), Harker (Official, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramBandCamp, SoundCloud)

The Great Thieves Escape II is a four-way split from No Panic and Flix Records featuring Walk the Plank, No Fun, Such Gold, and Harker.  The EP opens with Walk the Plank's blistering melodic hardcore number "Dying on the Vine."  Hailing from Washington DC, the band obviously went to the school of DC hardcore and now are bringing their own twist to the genre.  Next is the insanely catchy "Cheesecake" by Germany's No Fun.  The power trio's sound is a brilliant mix of sun-drenched California pop with early '90s indie rock, late '70s power pop, garage, and pop punk.  The result is a song that is so infectious that it hurts.  Such Gold is next with their grinding modern melodic hardcore in "Choosing Cages."  Hailing from Rochester, NY the band's sound is that of barely contained fury and rage.  The EP closes out with Harker's outstanding anthem "Sometimes Dead is Better."  The Brighton, UK trio's sound is that of melodic and catchy anthems that inspire the pumping of fists, the singing along at the top of one's lungs, big smiles, and hope for a better tomorrow.

What's great about splits like The Great Thieves Escape II is that they introduce you to bands and artists you might otherwise have missed and if you're lucky, you find a new favorite band or two in the mix.  That happened for me years ago when I discovered One Man Army on a four-way split and completely fell in love (and have been following them and their exploits since).  The Great Thieves Escape II has introduced me to two bands that I have immediately fallen for in No Fun and Harker.  I can't wait to explore their other releases (which I have already picked up via their BandCamp pages) and anxiously await whatever it is that they do next.  These are two bands to watch.  The other great thing about The Great Thieves Escape II is that every track was different.  Often splits get crammed with a lot of bands that have similar sounds and that is simply not the case here.  Even the two melodic hardcore bands, Walk the Plan and Such Gold, have drastically different sounds and that makes for a much more compelling listening experience.  Hats off to No Panic and Flix Records for putting together this great release!

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Currently Listening

1.  "Aether Theories" by Deforesters (from Deforesters)
2.  "For All To See" by Buffalo Tom (from Besides)
3.  "Home" by Hot Water Music (from Till the Wheels Fall Off)
4.  "Anyway" by The Lemonheads (from Lick)
5.  "23" by Harker (from A Lifetime Apart)
6.  "What Happened" by Sicko (from You Are Not the Boss of Me!)
7.  "Until My Heart Explodes" by No Fun (from How I Spent My Bummer Vacation)
8.  "Wrong" by Archers of Loaf (from Icky Mettle)
9.  "F.E.F.E." by Tender Defender (from Tender Defender)
10.  "Helpless" by Sugar (from Copper Blue)
11.  "Easy Target" by Stay Clean Jolene (from Stay Clean Jolene)
12.  "Kernel" by Seam (from Kernel)

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10 Questions with The Fairweather

Hailing from Tulsa, OK The Fairweather is releasing their debut Untie My Tongue this month.  They will be playing a record release show tonight, June 3rd, at The Vanguard with fellow Tulsa band Slow Dreamer and Oklahoma City's The Notionaries.    

This interview was conducted via email with Ashkan Karimi and Kris Elliott May 29 - June 1, 2016.

For more information on The Fairweather check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google +, and SoundCloud pages.

Dave:  How did the band get together?

Kris:  We all knew each other through other projects, and even shared the stage with each other a handful of times in old bands, but it was really timing and passion that brought us together. My (Kris - drummer) old project Good Morning Grizzly had gone our separate ways back in the Fall 2014, and I was looking for something new. I messaged Ashkan on social media asking if he knew of any bands looking for a drummer, and he said he’d get his feelers out there. A few months later, Ashkan & Austin’s group, Aftermidnight, lost their drummer & bassist, and had to quit playing shows. Around January 2015, Austin sent me a message asking if I’d be interested getting Aftermidnight back up and running with them. I jumped at the chance, and never looked back. Austin & Bobby worked together at the time. I had met Bobby in the past, actually took some guitar lessons from him, and knew how talented he was. We had Bobby out to a practice in late Feb 2015, and that was that. We played our first show in March as Aftermidnight, since most of the songs we had at the time were AM songs, and were finally able to rebrand that summer as The Fairweather.

Dave:  What’s the story behind the name The Fairweather?

Kris:  I think our music and general mindset as individuals revolve around addressing the difficulties of life with positivity and courage. We wanted a name that was a little bit lighter and projected that mindset, to give happiness and warmth to the people listening to our music - plus we could ironically call our fans Fairweather Friends.

Ashkan:  Originally before we ever had the name all we had was a few visuals like our logo. We had a TON of band name ideas and eventually we found ourselves narrowing it down to The Fairweather. Also, before we had our name we had some songs written, like “I’d Be A Fool” which is on our new record and there was a lot of reference to the elements the float around the weather, like storms, waves and things like that, so I think the music we had written kinda gave us some direction for the name. Not saying we’ll always write music about the weather haha, but it’s a common theme I think.

Dave:  For those who have never heard the band, how do you describe your music?

Kris:  putting a single genre on a band these days is so difficult, but I think of us as a mesh of indie/rock/alternative with pop elements engrained. We’re big on the dynamics and swells of volume, tones, and lyrics to take the listener on a journey through the EP. There are some super drivy in your face rock sections, that dip off into dance dance dance pop beats, then throw you into a huge halftime ballad of a chorus. Ashkan’s range is killer as a vocalist, and Austin comes up with the wildest original guitar riffs, combined with Bobby’s always inventive and progressive bass stylings - it’s so much fun to be a part of.

Ashkan:  Like Kris said, we’ve got a pretty eclectic mix of sounds and influences. We all 4 write together and all 4 of us come from different musical backgrounds with the common thread being rock and roll. Bobby has been in some metal bands, Kris has been in a heavier rock and rock band like what he mentioned before when we met, Austin listens to everything that consists of great guitar ranging from Stevie Ray Vaughn to country music and I pretty much listen to anything that has a good melody and strong vocalist - usually with an alternative rock sound.

Dave:  Your debut Untie My Tongue comes out in June. What's the story behind the record?

Kris:  Untie my Tongue has a lot to do with us as a band finding ourselves and our music. Coming from multiple different musical backgrounds, we had a thousand different directions we could take our songs. Through collaborative song writing, musical flexibility, and dozens of brainstorming sessions, we were able to put our talents and individual styles into one wall of sound that we’re super proud of.

Dave:  Do you have plans to tour in support of the new record? What are some of your favorite places to play?

Ashkan:  Most definitely, right now we have about 10 dates for the summer time all touring the region. We have some dates in Arkansas, Texas, the Oklahoma City area, Kansas and we’re still adding more dates so we’re pretty excited to have some shows to follow-up the release. Prior to this release we had played the region during the last half of the Winter and early Spring but didn’t have any music to give people except for our single Machine Gun Heartbreak which was a pretty rock and roll song. Since then we have a little more matured and rounded sound, so now we’re really stoked to get the new music into people’s ears both live and digitally.

As far as favorite places to play, not to be super cliche but anywhere people are listening to the tunes and connecting with the music is a “favorite.” As far as actual places, so far I think we have all really enjoyed playing Columbia, MO cause it’s a college town, and they have a cool music scene and venues. Also, Norman, OK is great because of the college vibe there too - we have another date there this June so we’re excited about heading back!

Dave:  Do you have any specific type of songwriting process?

Kris:  our songwriting process is fluid and collaborative, so there really is no set-in-stone method. Typically one of us will bring “an idea” to the table, whether it’s a specific riff or chorus line or melody, just something that stood out and we want to explore. It usually starts with a text - Ashkan will record a short guitar/vocal part on his phone or Austin or Bobby will put together a short pre-pro demo of an idea then text it to our group chat. From there we’ll listen to it individually and see how it affects us, and what elements we want to bring to the table. Then once Thursday night rehearsal comes around, we start building a skeleton. Get the frame of the song in place, what tempo feels right, how long is the verse going to be, should we repeat the chorus here, do we want to add a dancey jungle beat groove somewhere - that kind of stuff. Once the structure is down, one of us records it so that next practice we can keep building. From there it’s a long process of fine tuning, adding layers, taking layers away, filling in the rest of the person that will be this song. I’d guess all around it takes about 6 sessions for us from start to finish. Although I’d be a Fool was written in one night haha.

Dave:  What are your thoughts on the music scene in Oklahoma?

Kris:  Oklahoma’s music scene is a unique one, as it produces musicians of all different genres. A lot of regions will push one specific sound, or genre, whereas we have them all. I think a lot of that has to do with our population’s love and respect for music of all types. I also think our mesh of elements from multiple genres comes from that mindset as well.

Ashkan:  I think the music scene in Oklahoma has been growing a lot lately - not necessarily in size but in acceptance of different styles and genres of music. I feel like in the past that it hasn’t always been super accepting to newer music ideas but lately it’s been great to see the number of people listening to very diverse styles of music - which affects us as bands and artists too. I think it helps us strive to grow ourselves, so we are producing something new and challenging ourselves to do something different while still trying to retain our roots - it’s a fun challenge.

Dave:  This is a High Fidelity inspired question. What are your top five favorite bands, albums, movies, television programs, books/authors?

Ashkan:  That’s tough to answer by myself for the whole band but I know the guys well enough to answer parts of that haha…Bobby our bassist is big into dance music and edm, Zedd has come up in conversation and Calvin Harris too. I really like Calvin Harris as well from a dance music side of things. Bobby also likes heavier stuff from being in his other bands, so Arra is one of his favorites.

Manchester Orchestra is a big one for Kris, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Switchfoot for Austin, and for me I’m all over the place but I like Miles Davis, Mute Math. On that note, we all like Mute Math.

One of my all time favorite albums is Grace by Jeff Buckley.

We almost all watch The Walking Dead and it comes up in conversation when we’re on the road, Gotham is another one of those shows, atleast for Austin and I.

Dave:  What’s next for the band?

Ashkan:  We’re just going to be hitting the road to play songs from the record, while at the same time continuing to write more music. We’ve already started working on the next project which we’re excited to tell the rest of the story. A lot of our music’s goal is to take the listener on some sort of a journey and the record kinda has a place where it ends nicely but there is definitely more to tell. We also hope to do a vinyl release with some remixes of the songs since we all love that dance aspect of the music. We feel like it will challenge us to think and write future songs with dance elements, plus some of our songs kinda call for a “remix” of sorts because they’re already so dancey but we’re just using more raw instrumentation like guitars and real drums so to re-do a song with more synths and to experiment with electro-pop elements would be cool.

Dave:  Any final thoughts?

Ashkan:  Just a big thanks to you for taking the time to talk to us and interview us. We’re excited about the record and to shed some light on the creative process always helps. I think art and music is sometimes overlooked or not as valued because we don’t always hear the back story and the time it took to write the songs because we live in a society that is big on immediate gratification and having our new music right now, so to be able to talk about the process before the creation of the art means a lot to us because it doesn’t happen over night. You have that 1 rare song every now and then that happens fast but those are not all the time and even then there was a journey up until that moment that finally everything just pours out like a fire hydrant.

If you want to check out more about us we’d love to get to know you so you can connect with us on all the follow social media avenues, and our website. We also have an email we send out every once in a while with exclusive releases that you can sign-up for too if you’re into that sort of thing and want to see what our lives are like a bit more. I listed them all below for you!

Also, if you want to come out to the release show in Tulsa you’re more than welcome. We have Slow Dreamer from Tulsa and The Notionaries from OKC joining us - Tickets are $10 and it’s at The Vanguard in the Brady District of Downtown Tulsa, just down the street from Cain’s Ballroom. The doors are at 7pm and the show is at 8pm..

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Currently Listening

1.  "Dome Light" by Broken Gold (from EP III)
2.  "Salad Days" by Minor Threat (from Salad Days)
3.  "Motor Away" by Guided By Voices (from Motor Away)
4.  "Take What I Want" by Masked Intruder (from Take What I Want)
5.  "When Things Fall Apart" by Augustines (from When Things Fall Apart)
6.  "Everything Wrong" by Worship This! (from Mint)
7.  "Another Night" by One Man Army (from Last Word Spoken)
8.  "Think About It" by Billy Pettinger (from You Can Have It All)
9.  "The Burden" by Dropkick Murphys (from The Warrior's Code)
10.  "The Tender Defender" by Tender Defender (from Tender Defender)

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Video of the Day: "Beyond a Shadow of Doubt" by Masked Intruder

Song:  "Beyond a Shadow of Doubt"
Artist:  Masked Intruder (Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp, Wikipedia)
EP:  Love and Other Crimes (Official, BandCamp [Pure Noise Records], Amazon, iTunes)

10 Questions with Broken Gold

Hailing from Austin, TX, Broken Gold expertly blend elements of '80s college rock and '90s indie rock with modern punk intensity and great pop sensibility creating a sound that is fun, familiar, and fresh.  The band's latest release E.P. III came out in February.

This interview was conducted via email with singer/guitarist Ian MacDougall May 4 - 6, 2016.

For more information on Broken Gold check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and BandCamp pages.

Dave:  How did the band get together?

Ian MacDougall:  The idea for BG came around 2008/09. I had some songs written and demo'ed  that didn't quite fit with my other band Riverboat Gamblers. Around then RBG's original bass player, Pat Lillard, had decided he was done touring but didn't really want to stop playing music per se. We had talked about doing something that was more in the vein of the Replacements, Fugazi, or like the Constantines or something. One summer I picked up a barback job at a place called the Parlor and worked with the owners son in law, Rich Cali. We quickly became close friends, I found out he played drums and than it all came together. Ben Lance was a close friend who had played guitar in a band here in town called Sad Accordions that BG would play with a lot. We wanted to fill out our sound so we asked Ben to join in. Over time BG started to get pretty busy and Pat couldn't give it the attention he felt it needed, in came Rob Marchant on bass, who is also in Gamblers with me.
Rich Cali ended up moving back to the east coast and BG had a short tour out to the Fest in Gainesville booked with the Gamblers. I asked if Gamblers drummer, Ian Walling would fill in and now he's a full time dude. So now its: myself on vocals and guitar, Ben Lance on guitar, Rob Marchant on bass, and Ian Walling on drums. Did that make sense?

Dave:  What’s the story behind the name Broken Gold?

Ian:  I'm not great at coming up with band names at all. When we were trying to figure out what to call this, Pat Lillard had noticed billboards and pawn shops all around town that said "WE BUY BROKEN GOLD" sometimes they just said "BROKEN GOLD, BROKEN GOLD, BROKEN GOLD". We thought it sounded cool, fit the vibe of the band and free advertising around town couldnt hurt either.

Dave:  For those who have never heard the band, how do you describe your music?

Ian:  Loud and melodic.

Dave:  You recently released E.P. III.  What’s the story behind the record?  Do you have any plans to record a full-length in the future?

Ian:  Yes! Were stoked about it too. We were working on new songs for a potential full length when we got the call in March to go on tour as support for C.J. Ramone starting in late May. As soon as we confirmed we thought it would be a good idea to have something special for this run. We tightened up what we had, threw in a Guided By Voices cover that we had been playing at every show and went into the studio with our buddy Stuart Sikes here in Austin. In one week we put down 5 songs, Stuart mixed them, Alex Lyon at the Bubble mastered them, and than I immediately got to work on getting them set up for a tape/cd/digital release. You can get the Tape/CD from us at the shows and digitally on everything else May 20th, iTunes, spotify, apple music etc. We will definitely do a full length, on what label...we do not know.

Dave:  Do you have plans to tour in support of the new record? What are some of your favorite places to play?

Ian:  Oh yeah, the whole point of the EP was to coincide with the tour with C.J. You can find all of our dates at

There are so many places that are great to play in the world. BG hasnt been yet but Germany is my favorite place to tour. Europe in general really. In the US id say, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Philly, New Orleans...if theres water to jump in and good food to eat thats a plus.

Dave:  Do you have any specific type of songwriting process?

Ian:  Usually we write and demo something at home and send it to the rest of the guys to give a general vibe of what we're thinking. It almost always starts that way. We'll meet up in the space and start deconstructing and have everyone add their own personal touch to each others ideas. After that there's more demo-ing and revising of lyrics/phrasing/drum parts/guitar parts. Its always kind of constantly evolving. This will go on literally right up until we go into the 'real' studio and lay everything down. Even after that some guitar stuff will change live down the road.

Dave:  What are your thoughts on the music scene in Austin, TX?

Ian:  The music scene here is so, so good. Its great to live in a town where some of my favorite bands have come from. Any walk of life is going to find what they're looking for here. Theres constantly new bands popping up everywhere, its hard to keep track. Lately I've been listening to the new A Giant Dog and Eastside Suicides have started playing again which is awesome. I used to ditch school and drive down from Dallas to play shows with Eastside Suicides when I was a kid with my old band.

Dave:  This is a High Fidelity inspired question. What are your top five favorite bands, albums, movies, television programs, books/authors?

Ian:  These lists are in no way of all time at all, I don't really have a definitive list of all time but here is what I'm currently into at the moment...

current bands/albums in one go:
1. The Church-Of Skins and Heart
I love this record, best known for  "under the milky way tonight" but they are so much more than a one hit wonder. This first record is great, power-pop with a dash of the Cure/Clash/Joy division. Very melodic up beat stuff. Highly recommended
2. Lords of the New Church-Lords of the New Church
Stiv Bators from the Dead Boys and Brian James from the Damned. Classic.
3.Twisted Sister-Under the Blade
I recently watched the documentary on Twisted Sister up on Netflix right now. I always had an affinity for the band but it made me revisit some stuff and I love it.
4.Charles Bradley-Changes
I love this record, perfect car music. Charles Bradley's story is so crazy, find the documentary on him if you can.
5. Nada Surf-The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy
Great record and title. Another band so much more than a one hit wonder. The first track on this album "Clear Eye, Clouded Mind" is such a jam.

1. The VVitch
2. We are Twisted Sister
3. Mad Max:Fury Road
4. Trainwreck
5. Running down a Dream:Tom Petty Story

1. Trouble Boys : The story of the Replacements
2. See a Little Light : Bob Mould Autobiography
3. Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean Dominique Bauby
4. The Death Of Bunny Munroe- Nick Cave
5. Already Dead-Denis Johnson

1. Kitchen Nightmares
2. Walking Dead
3. Eastbound and Down
4. Quantum Leap
5. Topboy

Dave:  What’s next for the band?

Ian:  Up next...BG leave for tour with C.J. Ramone May 18th and our new EP comes out May 20th via my label Hundo Beach Broadcasts. The tour starts here in Austin and goes through the south to FL up the East coast to Canada and back through the midwest. After that we'll get to work on a new record as well as a new Riverboat Gamblers record. Busy dudes.

Dave:  Any final thoughts?

Ian:  I urge everyone to at the very least listen to the new Broken Gold E.P. if you dig it you can buy it on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp etc. The tape/cd version of the new ep are only going to be available on the tour with C.J. for the time being. All remaining copies after the tour will be put up for sale on bandcamp.

Other than that....keep on checking out new music and participating by coming out to shows and buying the tunes.

Tour dates and everything else is up at and you can find us on most all social media @brokengoldatx

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Songs I Want to Hear Frank Turner Play at the Diamond Ballroom

Frank Turner returns to Oklahoma City on June 1st when he and the Sleeping Souls will take the stage at the Diamond Ballroom co-headlining with Gogol Bordello and special guest Walter Schreifels.  Turner last played in Oklahoma at The Conservatory back in 2011, a show that was breathtaking.  Since that time he has release two excellent full-length albums, multiple EPs and splits, three b-sides collections, a best-of collection, toured the world, and played the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics.  Needless to say, the man's been busy.

I first discovered Turner in 2010 when I saw the video for "I Still Believe" (originally released on the Rock & Roll EP before getting re-released in 2011's album of the year England Keep My Bones).  The song blew me away on so many different levels that I've been a huge fan ever since.  I was lucky enough to interview Turner in 2011 a few days before his show at The Conservatory.  After said show I got to meet Turner and talk with him for a few minutes and that is a memory that I will cherish for a very long time.  Since then I have collected every Frank Turner release that I can get my hands on (physical and digital), pouring over each and every song, reading lyric sheets and thank you notes, knowing that I was taking in something incredibly special.  His music has touched me, given me solace letting me know that I'm not alone in this world, and empowered me to defiantly be myself embracing imperfections and failures as part of standing apart from the crowd.  Sure some of these are things I've felt for years but he put a voice to them in a way that no one else had.  As someone who loves making lists, for years I've had a go-to top five favorite artists of all time.  Needless to say, Frank Turner is now on that list.

This list of songs comes from across Turner's discography and is in the order I'd like to hear them played.  In other words, this is my dream set-list for a show in support of his latest album Positive Songs for Negative People.  Sadly this is a show that I'm not going to be able to attend.  This time of year is the end of the school year and thus comes with all sorts of extra expenses creating a cash shortage in the Brown family household.  Hopefully Turner and company will come back to OKC in the near future.  For those that get to go to the show, please let me know how it goes and if my set is anything like the one they play.

For those interested in going to the show, you can get your tickets here.

For more information on Frank Turner check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Wikipedia pages.

1.  "Eulogy" (from England Keep My Bones)
2.  "Get Better" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
3.  "Glorious You" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
4.  "The Way I Tend To Be (from Tape Deck Heart)
5.  "Love Ire & Song" (from Love Ire & Song)
6.  "Try This At Home" (from Poetry of the Deed)
7.  "The Next Storm" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
8.  "Vital Sings" (from Sleep Is For The Week)
9.  "Reasons Not To Be An Idiot" (from Love Ire & Song)
10.  "Wessex Boy" (from England Keep My Bones)
11.  "Recovery" (from Tape Deck Heart)
12.  "Mittens" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
13.  "Four Simple Word" (from Tape Deck Heart)
14.  "Peggy Sang the Blues" (from England Keep My Bones)
15.  "Live Fast Die Old" (from Poetry of the Deed)
16.  "Long Live the Queen" (from Love Ire & Song)
17.  "The Real Damage" (from Sleep Is For The Week)
18.  "Tattoos" (from Take Deck Heart [Deluxe Edition])
19.  "If Ever I Stray" (from England Keep My Bones)
20.  "Nashville Tennessee" (from Campfire Punkrock)
21.  "The Angel Islington" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
22.  "American Girl" (from The Third Three Years)
23.  "I Still Believe" (from England Keep My Bones)
24.  "Love Forty Down" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
25.  "Losing Days" (from Tape Deck Heart)
26.  "Dan's Song" (from Poetry of the Deed)
27.  "Glory Hallelujah" (from England Keep My Bones)
28.  "Time Machine" (from Tape Deck Heart [Deluxe Edition])
29.  "Josephine" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
30.  "The Road" (from Poetry of the Deed)
31.  "Demons" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
32.  "Somebody to Love" (from The Third Three Years)
33.  "I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous" (from Love Ire & Song)
34.  "I Am Disappeared" (from England Keep My Bones)
35.  "Oh Brother" (Tape Deck Heart)
36.  "The Opening Act of Spring" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
37.  "We Shall Not Overcome" (from Tape Deck Heart [Deluxe Edition])
38.  "Photosynthesis" (from Love Ire & Song)
39.  "The Ballad Of Me & My Friends" (from Sleep Is For The Week)