Saturday, October 03, 2015

K98X The Fringe Podcast Episode # 41

1.  "I Don't Feel Like I'll Ever Be" by Bangers (from Bird)
2.  "Show Some Shame" by Caustic Casanova (from Breaks)
3.  "Six" by Bully (from Feels Like)
4.  "No Bad Memories" by Antarctigo Vespucci (from Leavin' La Vida Loca)
5.  "I've Got A Scheme" by Banquets (from Spit At The Sun)
6.  "Out Of Metaphors" by Line & Circle (from Split Figure)
7.  "Dancing Through Sunday" by AFI (from Sing the Sorrow)
8.  "Kiss Me Deadly" by Generation X (from Anthology Disc 1)
9.  "Still Be Around" by Uncle Tupelo (from Still Feel Gone)
10.  "Bad (Live)" by U2 (from Rattle & Hum [Film])
11.  "Hope Is Made Of Steel" by Northcote (from Hope Is made Of Steel)
12.  "Love Forty Down" by Frank Turner (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
13.  "Let The Girls Be Boys" by Two Cow garage (from Let The Girls Be Boys)
14.  "God Willing" by Dropkick Murphys (from The Meanest of Times)
15.  "Karate Chops For Everyone But Us" by Piebald (from We Are The Only Friends We Have)
16.  "An Indie Rock Daydream" by Sicko (from You're Not the Boss of Me)
17.  "Truth Hurts" by Sixer (from Busted Knuckles and Heartbreak [EP])
18.  "Lesson Learned" by The Heartdrops (from East Side Drive)
19.  "I'll Get By" by Mike Williams (from Landlocked EP)
20.  "The Cross and The Switchblade" by Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves (from Scars)
21.  "Power Chords and Fragile Words" by Adam Darowski (from Power Chords and Fragile Words)
22.  "Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas" by Beach Slang (from Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas)
23.  "Kick Me" by Shit Present (from Kick Me)
24.  "Can't Say No" by Kurt Baker (from Play It Cool)
25.  "Queen Bee" by Lags (from Pilot)
26.  "Weary, ON" by Shared Arms (from Weary, ON)
27.  "Silent Fall" by The Bomb (from The Axis Of Awesome)
28.  "Spent" by Casual (from Casual LP)
29.  "Black Metal Yoga" by The Rentiers (from Black Metal Yoga)
30.  "Friend of Mine" by Big Drill Car (from No Worse for the Wear)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

K98X The Fringe Podcast Episode # 40

1.  "Queen Bee" by Lags (from Pilot)
2.  "Out Of Metaphors" by Line & Circle (from Split Figure)
3.  "Ten Miles High" by April (from Ten Miles High)
4.  "Someone I'd Like To Know" by Earth Girls (from Someone I'd Like To Know)
5.  "Wait" by Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room (from Party Adjacent)
6.  "The Killing Moon" by Echo & the Bunnymen (from Songs to Learn and Sing)
7.  "Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio?" by Ramones (from Hey! Ho! Let's Go: Ramones Anthology Disc 1)
8.  "Stoned" by Redd Kross (from Show World)
9.  "Step Down" by Sick Of It All (from Scratch the Surface)
10.  "Boys Don't Cry" by The Cure (from Staring At The Sea)
11.  "Stranger" by Red City Radio (from Red City Radio)
12.  "Optimist" by American Television (from Let's Play Two)
13.  "Three to Get Ready" by Gameface (from Three to Get Ready)
14.  "Here It Comes Again" by Gumball (from Super Tasty)
15.  "Sinner Inside" by Pegboy (from Eaarwig)
16.  "Package Thief" by Superchunk (from On The Mouth)
17.  "Revolutions" by The Record Collection (from Revolutions)
18.  "Laid to Rest" by The Davis Baby (from Laid to Rest)
19.  "No Future Part IV: No Future Triumphant" by Titus Andronicus (from The Most Lamentable Tragedy)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

EP Review: ‘Scars’ by Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves

Title:  Scars (BandCamp, Wiretap Records)  
Artist:  Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, BandCamp)

Winston Salem, NC’s Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves have followed up last year’s excellent Subtle Serpents with the even better Scars.  Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves play a melodic form of punk rock that mixes elements of post hardcore, alt country, and pop punk resulting in a sound that transcends the genre with great anthem filed rock ‘n’ roll.  The EP’s standout moment is a brilliant “The Cross and The Switchblade,” a mid-tempo heart wrencher that truly showcases the incredible songwriting talent of this band.  Scars and Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves in general is a must for fans of Red City Radio, The Tim Version, Iron Chic, The Gaslight Anthem, Latterman, and Nothington and is certainly one of the best records on 2015.  

Friday, September 18, 2015

K98X The Fringe Podcast Episode # 39

1.  "Black Metal Yoga" by The Rentiers (from Black Metal Yoga)
2.  "Backwash" by Banquets (from Spit At The Sun)
3.  "Maggie I've Been Searching For Our Son" by Craig Finn (from Faith In The Future)
4.  "Josephine" by Frank Turner (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
5.  "I'm Dying" by Alone At 3AM (from Show The Blood)
6.  "Leaner Days" by Sinkhole (from Groping for Trout)
7.  "I Don't Want to See the Sights" by The Charlatans UK (from Between 10th and 11th)
8.  "The Cross and The Switchblade" by Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves (from Scars)
9.  "Emergency" by Dead Bars (from Emergency b/w Off the Ground)
10.  "Emergency! Emergency!" by The Promise Ring (from Very Emergency)
11.  "When I Fall" by The Gateway District (from Old Wild Hearts)
12.  "Ever" by The Lemonheads (from Lick)
13.  "I Love Rock & Roll" by The Jesus & Mary Chain (from Munki)
14.  "Barbed Wire Love" by Stiff Little Fingers (from Inflammable Material)
15.  "My Dreams About Not Sleeping Until 3pm" by Latterman (from Turn Up The Punk, We'll Be Singing)
16.  "Savory" by Jawbox (from For Your Own Special Sweetheart)
17.  "Abundance Of Fluff" by Stephen Egerton & John Moreland (from The Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton)
18.  "J.A.R." by Green Day (from Angus Soundtrack)
19.  "Pretty in Pink" by The Psychedelic Furs (from Pretty in Pink)
20.  "Young & Alive" by Beach Slang (from Young & Alive)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

K98X The Fringe Podcast Episode # 38

1.  "Laid to Rest" by The Davis Baby (from Laid to Rest)
2.  "Hello Dirt" by Tender Defender (from Hello Dirt)
3.  "Beck and Call" by Sundressed (from The Same Condition)
4.  "Weary, ON" by Shared Arms (from Weary, ON)
5.  "Leash" by Pearl Jam (from Vs.)
6.  "Start Walking" by Off With Their Heads (from Home)
7.  "Astro Zombies" by Misfits (from Boxed Set Disc 1)
8.  "I'm in Love with a Girl" by Lucero (from All A Man Should Do)
9.  "Young & Alive" by Beach Slang (from Young & Alive)
10.  "Breathe" by Hoax Hunters (from Comfort & Safety)
11.  "The Wagon" by Dinosaur Jr. (from Green Mind)
12.  "Green Grass and Nerve Gas" by Bombers (from Hospital Museum)
13.  "Hello, Nurse!" by Wringer (from Bullfighter)
14.  "Low Self Opinion" by Rollins Band (from The End of Silence)
15.  "Take Me Anywhere" by School Of Fish (from Human Cannonball)
16.  "Kick Me" by Shit Present (from Shit Present)
17.  "Out of Tune" by The Draft (from In a Million Pieces)
18.  "Another Way to Let You Go" by Make War (from Make War)
19.  "Hopeless" by Keeper (from Perfect Home)
20.  "Dead & Gone" by American Television (from Let's Play Two)
21.  "Not Fine [Demo Version]" by Armchair Martian (from Good Guys, Bad Band)

Monday, September 14, 2015

EP Review: 'Let's Play Two' by American Television

Title: Let's Play Two (BandCamp)
Artist: American Television (Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp, YouTube)

Hailing from Washington, DC, American Television play a ridiculously fun, '90s inspired, form of indie punk power pop. Their latest release, Let's Play Two, is a two song EP that is short, fun, catchy, and determined to stick in your head as long as humanly possible. The opening track “Optimist” is an infectious number that bemoans the disappointments of living with a happy, hopeful, and idealistic point of view. “Dead & Gone” is a defiant ode to those who bully and detract, proclaiming that their time of causing heartache and pain is over and there is a brighter tomorrow.

Let's Play Two works because the songs are outstanding and it doesn't wear out its welcome. The only downside to the EP is that it is so short but it does its job, in that it leaves you desperately wanting more. This is definitely a band to keep your eye on; I for one am excited to see what American Television does next. This record is a must for fans of the likes of The Methadones, Broadcaster, Cheap Girls, The Lemonheads, and Noise By Numbers.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Album Review: 'Make War' by Make War

Brooklyn, NY's Make War is a three piece punk/alt country band formerly known as Sad and French. Originally starting as an acoustic solo project for singer/guitarist Jose Prieto, the band took full form with the addition of bassist Edwin Santacruz and drummer Greg Taylor. After recording the Sad and French self-titled debut the band began to tour and eventually plugged in, breathing new life, energy, and speed into the previously unplugged numbers. This change in sound also prompted an updated philosophy for the band which in turn led to a rechristening. Now playing as Make War, the band headed back into the studio to re-record nine of the songs from Sad and French resulting in this heartfelt and powerful record. These nine songs tackle love and heartbreak in an honest and refreshing way making them instantly engaging, sympathetic, and understandable. Prieto's vocals are raw and at times brittle, almost breaking with the emotion of the song, resulting in an intensity that is undeniable. Make War will be spending much of the rest of 2015 on the road but they also plan to put together a record of all new songs, hopefully to be released later this year or early 2016. In the meantime Make War is a fantastic introduction to this band and is a must for fans of Drag the River, Nothington, Red Collar, Red City Radio, Arliss Nancy, and Timeshares.